What I can offer


An online presence is non-negotiable in the 21st century and it all starts with a functional, fit-to-purpose website that serves your unique business, brand or project needs.

I offer complete website development services, including:

  • Initial requirements and concepts
  • Setup of content management systems (CMS) and structures
  • Design of front-end websites and user interfaces
  • Uploading content
  • Training administrative users (you and your staff) to manage the content

Building a website on a CMS ultimately allows you as a website owner to manage your own content without always needing the help of a developer. It also allows for great flexibility – changing things as the needs of the business or project changes – and plenty of room to grow the website or add new extensions and features.

Drupal is my CMS of choice. It is a powerful, open-source platform that powers millions of websites around the world and is actively supported by a dynamic community of highly skilled developers.

The benefits of using Drupal include:

  • It is open-source
  • It is easily customisable
  • It allows for rapid deployment
  • It is SEO friendly
  • It can easily be extended, with thousands of modules to choose from
  • It always stays updated with the latest web technologies


Your website must work for you. That’s why I start by looking at your requirements, particularly in terms of content and features, and then build a solution designed to suit that.

Your website should also be unique as it speaks to your unique audience.

Considerations in planning the development of your website include:

  • Information architecture
  • Unique user journey
  • Content strategy and capacity
  • Back-end administrative interface
  • Front-end design and features

My website development services include app integration, such as newsletter signups and social media plugins or setting up Google Adwords and Google Analytics.


Your website’s interface, which is made up of how it looks and works on the front-end, is how users and visitors to your site experience your online offering. First impressions count, that’s why the design – the look and feel – of your website should be carefully considered and executed to accurately reflect your offering.

To sidestep the constraints and limitations of an off-the-shelf template I start the design of all sites with a skeleton theme. This allows for your logo, corporate identity and aesthetic preferences to be easily incorporated with maximum flexibility and customisation.

All websites I build are fully responsive, which means they are as useful and beautiful on a mobile or tablet screen as they are on a desktop.

Inky3d Services - Digital Development and Design

Project Management

I have the experience and expertise to offer specialist digital project management guidance and assistance.

The skills and attributes I bring to this role include:

  • Being highly organised and detail-driven
  • An ability to analyse online data in a meaningful and relevant way
  • A keen understanding of CMSes and SEO
  • An understanding of information hierarchy structures and the role of user experience
  • Effective time management

Other services

Apart from the design, development and “technical stuff”, a successful website has a number of other needs, such as:

  • Domain registration and hosting
  • Content: copywriting/editing
  • Photography
  • Video/multimedia
  • Corporate/brand identity

Should you require any of these services I am happy to recommend preferred suppliers for each.

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