A bit about me

Hi, I’m Inky Serritslev Talbot, a designer and creator with a passion for creating useful and beautiful objects through digital development and design. I have been working independently, as Inky3d, since 2003.

In a nutshell, I do what I do because:

  • I have a desire to build things
  • I love to untangle chaos to create order and structure
  • I like to see results that are useful and/or beautiful

These interests culminate in the design and development of websites, which I have specialised in since 2009.

Following my classical training in architecture and 3D graphics, and experience building 3D architecture on an Online Real Time Interactive Platform, the move to creating websites was an organic one and a natural extension of my passion for creating dynamic visual experiences.

Trial and error have proved to be the best teacher when it comes to HTML, CSS, SASS, JS, PHP and Drupal – all of which I am completely self-taught, and now highly proficient, in.

Golden Rule

My approach to web design and development is perfectly encapsulated by this William Morris quote:

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

I have adopted the essence of the quote – that things should be either useful or beautiful – as my own Golden Rule. The belief that the outcome of anything I work on – be it building a website or designing a logo – should be both functional and aesthetically appealing underpins everything I do.

About Ingrid Serritslev Talbot

Influences and efficiencies

My Danish heritage and family of practical thinkers has meant my approach to design is a Scandinavian-inspired minimalism that favours simplicity and a form-follows-function sensibility.

This philosophy also resonates in the way I run my business, where I strive to maintain an efficient and streamlined approach to managing multiple projects, clients, employees and processes for optimal outcomes.

Beyond the screen

When I’m not creating useful and beautiful objects in the digital space or immersing myself in the latest digital and design trends, I create with more tactile materials. I particularly enjoy ceramics and similar craft work.

I am also a keen mountain biker and a proud Freedom Challenge Blanket Wearer, a Cape Epic Amabubesi member and a Cape Town Cycle Tour Yellow Number Rider.

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