Design Indaba - 2014 Upgrade

Design Indaba - 2014 Upgrade

I have been working on the Design Indaba website ongoing since the relaunch in 2012, adding small features and providing general maintenance support. It deserves another mention now, though, as between the editorial team and myself, there has been another new big change in direction and design.

The focus of the content and site in general has shifted even further away from being an Event-based site, with the content now directed at world design news, African design news and design that makes a difference. Already in the first two months of the new content being published, we noticed a change in perception of the site.

The new look and feel involved a whole template rebuild. We have gone responsive at last, something we did not manage to get done in 2012. All images have been reduced from over 15 sizes down to just 2 formats, allowing for better site performance. All layouts were rebuilt on a new structure that I put together, which will make it super easy to add new pages and widgets anywhere on the site.

The motto in this rebuild was to keep it simple, stay focused and be flexible.

The site has since been edited/reworked by another party.
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